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Social Media and Gov Week in Review (x2)

Missed a week of review last week, lots of links to catch up with.

I’ve updated both the House and Governors pages on the site, dozens of new social media links.

Please call your Congressman and tell them to vote against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

  1. Sweden lets citizens take over its official Twitter account. This is either genius or insanity.
  2. Twitter teams up with @FoxNews for #GOPdebate
  3.  Marathon #SOPA votes derailed by a politician’s “offensive” tweet @SteveKingIA
  4. .@SenMikeLee is not scared to delegate twitter responsibility among many staffers. He has 4 official accounts.
  5. Great use of Flickr RT @petesouza: New Obama family portrait:
  6. In #HackWeTrust: Can the People’s House become a social platform for the people? (article by @digiphile)
  7. RT @Diament_OU: Welcome to the twitterverse @joshuadubois @whitehouse
  8. Federal social media users advised to try #Klout,#Tweepskey & #SocialBro to help measure their online reach…@gbyehuda
  9. Obama’s Re-Election Path May Be Written in Will St. Clair’s Code – Bloomberg @BloombergNews
  10. Among Twitter users, Obama’s approval rating is 69%, 23% higher than nationwide rating
  11. NBC partners with foursquare to map the 2012 campaign trail… via @aboutfoursquare
  12. US Sens @SenMikeLee(…) & @PattyMurray(…) are embedding tweets. Are you?… via @gov
  13. Congressman Tim Holden joins twitter and facebook: @RepTimHolden and
  14. RT @TheDailyShow: RT @TeamBachmann ”I’m at Gate B22 (at Terminal 4, PHX Airport, Phoenix)” // Um…do you need a ride? [just joined foursquare]
  15. RT @exilauren: Fantastic article | 7 Reasons Government Agencies Should Monitor Social #opengov thanks @levyj413
  16. RT @drdigipol: Facebook & Twitter use boosts election chances via @the_irish_times (TY @spedwybabs ) #socmed#2012
  17. Twitter Launches @gov Account for Tracking Civic Engagement:
  18. MT @digiphile: How should a “@whitehouseQuora” work? TBD… last week, @aneeshchopra joined
  19. Three congressional staffers canned after tweets reveal in-office partying
  20. Taking Flight — Presidential candidate launch#LetsFly profile pages: @newtgingrich@TeamBachmann @RickSantorum (cc: @TwitterAds) via @gov
  21. Taking Flight — National party committees launch#LetsFly profile pages: @dccc @NRSC @NRCC(cc @TwitterAds) via @gov
  22. Rick Perry dethrones Rebecca Black with most ‘disliked’ YouTube
  23. Apparently GOP Senate minority leader McConnell has been on twitter since July @McConnellPress…… but there was zero effort put into rolling it out and link is hidden = @McConnellPress only has 1,700 followers.
  24. Twitter and the Campaign: How the Discussion on Twitter Varies from Blogs and News via @pewresearch
  25. RT @digiphile: “Imagine if a bill in Congress could tweet its own status”-@WhipHoyer on (cont)
  26. RT @almacy: @GOPLeader: “Transparency, engagement and open government are not partisan issues.”
  27. Library of Congress says Twitter archive will build “unique record of our time” by @jonrussell via @TheNextWeb
  28. USAJOBS Turns Frustration to Friendship With Social Media via @dslunceford@sradick #gov20
  29. The Candidates on YouTube: Which Ones Are Using It Most Effectively As State Battles Approach? via @techpresident:
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Social media and politics week in review Dec 2nd

It’s ben a relatively slow two weeks. Still, there are a few interesting stories out there.

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  1.  If You Tweet It, They Will Come via @HuffingtonPost @AdamS @NASA#NASATweetup
  2. 4 ways technology will impact politics in 2012 via @ethanklapper
  3. Venezuela’s Chávez Hacks Critics’ Twitter Accounts – With Cuba’s Help by @curthopkins via @RWW
  4. Welcome to the first ‘Twitter election’ – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley:
  5. For politicians and elected officials, getting on Google+ is easy. Announcing Google+ Politics Guide #opengov#gov20
  6. Great article about social media and lobbying -Stop #SOPA: Using the Internet to Save the Internet via @PatrickRuffini
  7. Tracking the Most Talked About Candidates on Facebook | Engage via @engagedc @PatrickRuffini
  8. More on the Kansas story: @govsambrownback Apologizes To Teen Tweeter h/t @Pres_Bartlet
  9. More on @BarackObama joining Google+ from @digiphile (thanks for h/t re: other 2012 pages cc: @nclarkjudd)
  10. RT @PatrickRuffini: Excellent example of how a real Mayor can engage citizens on foursquare.
  11. Foursquare in Egypt: Mobile Users Check in to Revolution via @marshallk
  12. Tampa Mayor uses foursquare to help you tour his city by @thatdrew on @TNWapps
  13. Study: Half of Facebook Users Post Political Messages [INFOGRAPHIC]… via @mashable h/t @katieharbath #gov20
  14. The future of social media at the National Archives… via @radar @digiphile
  15. “Four Steps: The Evolution of Social Media in Government” on GovLoop by @gbyehuda #gov20 #opengov
  16. RT @lheron: The Muppets got incredibly social in the last 2 years. @mashable on the strategy:
  17. Just posted the audio of my interview on @MorningBriefing with @JaredRizzi about#whipcast #gov20 #opengov#tcot
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Government and social media week in review Nov 18th

Lots going on this week, but probably a slow week next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Pandora Opens Box of Targeted Political Advertising
  2. How many iPad apps does it take to make Congress more efficient? Turns out, the answer may be two.
  3. For politicians and elected officials, getting on Google+ is easy. Announcing Google+ Politics Guide
  4.  Welcome to @twitter, @TSA via @AdamS
  5. RT @digiphile: Unexpected. #gov20 RT @steverubel Tumblr spurs users to generate 87,834 phone calls to Congress in 1
  6. Facebook takes its hacker army to DC for a Congressional hackathon -
  7. NASA reaches 20,000 followers on Google+ faster than it did on Twitter and Facebook
  8. Facebook Aids Bid To Recall Wisconsin Governor -
  9. RT @digiphile: A @WhiteHouse epetition on #SOPA now has 20,173 signatures I’d love to see rate of increase today
  10. Team Bachmann’s Twitter fail How the Bachmann Campaign failed to get traction on twitter
  11. RT @AdamS: Old boss, meet the new boss: Welcome to @twitter, @SenLandrieu!
  12. How can govt leverage#socialmedia? Find out from @smburns, CEO of GovDelivery [VIDEO]
  13. GOP republican candidate Mitt Romney on Google+ hangout (virtual town hall style meeting) with Video!
  14. Council member, former Mayor @marionbarryjr joins
  15. RT @Joseph_Marks_#Whipcast app more promotion than #transparency #gov20
  16. Tampa Mayor on Quora – good writeup by @JordanRaynor
  17. Rep. McCarthy promotes his new app, ‘Whip Cast’ – The Hill’s Video: via @JaredRizzi
  18. Why Americans use social media | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life via @acarvin
  19. BLACKBERRY HILL: iPhones, Droids allowed on Capitol Hill, but few use them. Here’s why:
  20. Twitter Can Predict Who’s Winning the GOP Presidential Race [STUDY] -
  21. Newly updated House Committees page, dozens of new social media links.
  22. Government Agencies Go Google+ — InformationWeek
  23. FEMA Director Craig Fugate is on twitter, @CraigatFEMA, and google+
  24. RT @katieharbath: All Facebook: How Facebook Moved The Outcome Of An Ohio Election
  25. RT @TweetWatch#Twitter is the real-time#spinroom of the 2012 presidential
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Week in review, brought to you by the number 11

Lots of goings on in the social media and government world. I also started adding Congressional Google + links to where I can find them. Please email with any I don’t have listed yet. And be sure to follow GovSM on facebook and on Google+

  1. US Politics on Facebook – 2012 campaigns go social via @katieharbath
  2. RT @AmbassadorRice#FF: Serving with courage & distinction: @USArmy, @USMC, @USNavy, @usairforce, @uscoastguard
  3. The power of Twitter, especially when you’re arrested by the KGB:
  4. RT @SenJeffMerkley: Tuesday, I will host a Twitter town hall to discuss what we can do to create (cont)
  5. RT @PeterHambyCNN: Amazing stat: Perry’s “Oops” moment was the most viewed video on YouTube in the US this morning
  6. Dem Marjoity Leader @NancyPelosi joins @foursquare, visits their offices and adds SF location tips
  7. @ChicagosMayor joins Google+
  8. Beware, tweeting lobbyists: You’re being
  9. Bittersweet End: GovTwit directory turns three, but forced to shut down
  10.  95% of all teens ages 12-17 are now online, and 80% of those online teens use social media sites.
  11. RT @PeterHambyCNN: D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown says he wants “10,000 tweeter friends” for new statehood
  12. Fox News to use Google+ Hangouts for GOP candidate interviews:
  13. Join me for a Twitter Town Hall on Nov 14. Start asking questions today
  14. Added a few new social media studies to the website including from CMF and Kennedy
  15. #Twitter hires @mindyfinn in political push:
  16. RT @digiphile: .@NASA leads the way on social media in gov again…they’re now on @google+:
  17. Rep. Amodei tweets for the first time as congressman
  18. Not sure how long it’s been up, but just noticed that the @StateDept has a really nice @tumblr
  19. Boehner uses promoted tweets to target White House – The Hill’s Twitter Room:
  20. RT @NDN_NPI: Join us: Nov.15 to discuss Social Media & Advocacy w/ @adamconner (@facebook
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Herman Cain’s Klout and his Chances at Winning the GOP Nomination

I recently updated the Klout scores for all the Presidential candidates on GovSM. Interestingly, despite the recent sexual harassment accusations, Herman Cain’s Klout score has continued to rise. Over the past month he has added nearly 4 points to his score (and continued to gain during the accusations) while other leading candidate scores have remained relatively flat (President Obama, Romney, Perry).

The entire issue of whether Klout scores provide any value has been debated for a long time. For me, the score numbers themselves are meaningless. As is most of the information gathered about a single user in a vacuum. However, I think there is some valuable information that can be gathered by comparing Klout scores of social media accounts from users in similar fields, such as athletes or authors. In this case, I think Klout can be very useful in comparing candidates for President.

By following political social media accounts and their statistical breakdowns over time, we can glean some useful information. Namely, that the odds of Cain’s messages being shared has not changed, rather his total number of followers has grown (by the thousands). As an increasing number of the public becomes familiar with Cain (for whatever reason), he is attracting social media followers. And those followers are sharing and responding to his messages to an equal rate as before. Which means that not many are following him to watch him implode – he is attracting new and curious GOP voters.

With Gallup’s newest polling (polled during the sexual harassment accusation) showing Cain gaining in the horse-race polls and tied with Romney, I think Cain’s follower count and Klout score track very well with his popularity increase in the polls. What will be interesting to see after the GOP primary and 2012 election is whether social media statistics and derived scores can be a useful predictor of future electoral success.

(For the record, at the time of this writing, Intrade is only giving Cain a 4% chance of winning the nomination).

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Week in review Nov 4th

Very busy week in politics and social media

  1. Dept. of Homeland Security looks to monitor social media
  2. CIA monitors Facebook, Twitter: Five million tweets a day
  3. Facebook surveillance claims first campaign victim
  4. In Social Media and Politics, Engagement and Influence Trumps Follower Count
  5. How Presidential Candidates should use Social Media
  6. Boehner invites supporters to join ‘Team Boehner’
  7. Citizen 2.0 white paper highlights 17 examples of gov social media innovation
  8. Smart ways to use Social to leverage your Political
  9. Government 2.0: How Mayor Emanuel Is Using Social Media to Engage Chicagoans:
  10. New @whitehouse@wethepeople Twitter account related to petitions by the public. h/t @digiphile
  11. RT @patbell: RT @cathymcmorris: Please join me in welcoming my colleague and friend @NatResources Chairman @DocHastings to @twitter!
  12. How the Hashtag Became a Campaign Battleground – The Atlantic
  13. There’s potential in #Chicago politicians using Twitter, experts say.
  14. RT @nclarkjudd: MT @BuddyRoemer: For somebody shut out of debates, Twitter has been my primary stage to get message out.
  15. RT @antheawatson: Obama 2012 campaign manager @Messina2012 has hit the twitterverse. Welcome boss.
  16. Years ago politicians went to the market to engage citizens now they must go online @facebook‘s LordAllan
  17. RT @ryanbeckwith: Rep. Patrick McHenry has a Facebook ad up now too.
  18. Want to run for President? You better start Tweeting.
  19. Why Congressional Websites Matter
  20. Stat of the day: 88% of social media users are registered voters
  21. Twitterology: A New Science?:
  22. 2012 Presidential Candidates Have Widely Different Levels Of Engagement On
  23. Rep. @boblatta believes that the Founding Fathers would be “very happy with where we are today” thanks to social media.
  24. Rep. Waters gives floor speech composed by social media followers upset over the
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My speech at the iima4gov conference in Sacramento, September 13, 2011

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Week in Review 9/21-9/28

Here’s a recap of the past week’s social media and politics news. Shana Tova!

  1. GAO rprt: Social Media Fed Agencies Need Policies & Procedures for Managing & Protecting Info They Access and Disseminate
  2. House Democrats launch social media competition via @thehilltweets
  3. Great talk, must read article RT @Alderman_Moreno: My blog about #SMW for @HuffPostChicago Picture by Mr. @johnfritchey
  4. RT @rachelsterne: Great advice from @AdamS 4 @nycgov agencies on Twitter. Discover, share, engage, promote. #engagenyc
  5. Here’s a link to the audio from my interview yesterday with Tim Farley @MorningBriefing on SiriusXM
  6. RT @NYCMayorsOffice: Mayor Bloomberg speaking to digital managers and comm staff at City gov’s first ever Social Media Day. #engagenyc
  7. RT @gracecheung: NYC government currently reaches 1.5 million through social media.#engagenyc
  8. RT @lheron: Wow. MT @SlaughterAM: Whoah. Rwandan Pres. @PaulKagame is on a Twitter roll (perhaps rant). fascinating stream of consciousness
  9. How Twitter, FB, Google & LinkedIn are entering the political via @lheron
  10.  Facebook forming own PAC to back candidates via @thehill
  11. RT @mathewi: MT @defcon_5: Time to get to 50 million users: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace:
  12. MT @IdeaGov: RT @PrivacyWonk: Congrats to @USMC for an awesome #gov20 #socialmediahandbook
  13. Obama Town Hall: LinkedIn’s Economic Role [infographic] by @JonMwords via @RWW
  14. ‘Young Guns’ head to Facebook – Mike Allen – via @politico
  15. Study: Twitter Played Pivotal Role In Arab Spring via @TPM
  16. MT @maegancarberry Should candidates have 2 Twitter accounts? @KLSoltis ”official + personal handle adds authenticity”
  17. Twitter users are very sensitive to authenticity. – @AdamS #smchicago #smwtwittergov
  18. RT @gbyehuda: DC EMS suspends #Twitteraccount?! Not good #emergency planning! read: #gov20
  19. RT @Ekaterina: Marine Corps Facebook page went from 0 to 1M in a year – @gregreeder #SMSS
  20. Thanks @ZekeJMiller for the shoutout! Twitter Users: Get Ready For Political Ads To Infest Your Stream via @bi_politics
  21. President Obama to participate in @LinkedIn town hall – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley:
  22. RT @Adweek: Twitter to Launch Political
  23. “The politician becomes their own media company”#smchicago #gov20 #socialmedia
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Month in review 8/15-9/20

With the August being a slow month and then my preparation for my speech last week in California, it was a slow posting month. I’m back to normal posting now.

  1. New! Social Media links for national political party organizations and their influence rankings (@dccchas best @klout
  2.   New blog post: The CA Legislature, social media and it’s practical ban #gov20 #socmed #caleg
  3. A bit old, but a good read: Designing Social Media Policy for Government h/t @Reelpolitik #gov20 #opengov
  4. Facebook hosts ‘Young Guns’ – Mike Allen –…via @politico
  5. House Dems on hunt for social media followers – via @rollcall h/t @marcidale #gov20
  6. Worth a read, but I disagree. Can use it to support local business. RT @Ward_Room Where’s Rahm? Who Cares? @dens@naveen
  7. MT @ChicagoCTO Explore your city: @ChicagosMayor and Foursquare announce the first official city badge
  8. Sen. Reid holds first Twitter town hall – The Hill’s Twitter Room:
  9. MT @dannyhakim: Bob Turner: “I do have a Twitter account, but I only do it fully clothed.”
  10. Thanks for the shout out Alex! “Online Influence Is Essential to 21st Century Governance” by @digiphile
  11. RT @gbyehuda#data RT @cecysnyder: Government Uses Twitter During Hurricane #gov20 #smem #hsem
  12. RT @pwire: Fascinating research on how “astrotweeting” is being used by political operatives…
  13. RT @whpresscorps: RT @fivethirtyeight Obama will use the word “tweets” — not “Twitter messages” per NYT style — later in speech.
  14. RT @macon44: Social Media Gears Up for Obama Address: Launched 2 new @twitter accounts @JonCarson44 & @WHLive
  15. Based on @digiphile and @ZekeJMiller‘s advice, I tried my hand at @Storify. Here’s the conversation I mentioned before.
  16. Check in with Senator Coons on… via @ChrisCoons
  17. The 2012 Presidental Race to Social Media via @CBSNews
  18. RT @marcidale: “Social networking spam from non-constituents is a significant frustration” @DailyCaller
  19. Twitter hires former top FCC aide – Kim Hart – via @POLITICO
  20. RT @digiphile: Social media in a time of The @RedCross showed again how Twitter can help during Hurricane #Irene
  21. The Facebook Administrators of @BarackObamaand Rick Perry’s Campaigns via @derallo
  22. RT @InesMergel: New Pew Study: 65% of online adults use social networking sites #openGovRD
  23. RT @HilliconValley: Study: Half of adults use social networking sites
  24. RT @digiphile: Government in real-time: @fema‘s Hurricane #Irene Twitter list: #gov20
  25. RT @fastcompany: The @USNavy Likes Google+ Because Facebook Isn’t Private
  26. The state of #Alaska has a really good#socialmedia portal
  27. RT @DStraussTheHill: RT @antheawatson: Elizabeth Warren has hit the twitters @elizabethforma
  28. #GovDebate- Governments Using Social Media via @socialmediaweek
  29. Who’s Writing Jon Huntsman’s Tweets? |… via @ethanklapper
  30. How to hold a Facebook townhall meeting in a custom tab via @derallo
  31. Jon Huntsman’s Very Good Twitter Day | techPresident via @techpresident
  32. Department of Veterans Affairs publishes updated social media policy /via @InesMergel
  33. National Archives & FourSquare use: Walk in the Footsteps of the Presidents via @InesMergel
  34. RT @socialmediaweek: Which governmental agencies are using social media effectively?#GovDebate
  35. RT @dens: Going to be on @CNN around 8:20 talking @foursquare + politics. ps. amazing view! (@ CNN w/ 2 others) [pic]:
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